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About Us


What's Up With The Name?

My husband and I are 100% American, but each of us have 50% roots in Germany. My maiden name, Koenig, means "King" in Deutsche, and my married name, Vogel, means "Bird", therefore, I am a "KingBird".


It's A Family Affair

The Pittsburgh Triangle Apparel is unique to our family. My brother & sister-in-law owns the Trademark, my sister embroiders them, and KingBird sells them. Have you noticed The (Fort Pitt) Fountain at the Point on the apparel? 


Come And Visit Our Shoppe

180 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370

We carry a variety of products, from soaps, jewelry, cutting boards, religious books, youth & adult aprons, home decor, apparel, blankets & totes and more. We even have shirts for the pets. You can be sure that all are Made In America. Check out our "shop" tab above for even more detail on some of the products carried in the shoppe.

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KingBird Dot Biz, LLC

P.O. Box 222, Jefferson, PA 15344

(412) 889-4442

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